Why Choose MLN?

Parents have various options to find a nanny. My Loving Nanny works one-on-one with families to find their perfect match.

Why choose MLN:

  1. You have a childcare need, but you don’t know what you’re looking for
    We take the guess work out of finding that perfect solution for your family. We meet with every potential family to hear about their current childcare arrangements, their concerns and what they are able to afford and together come up with a solution that works.
  2. You don’t have the time to post your position and look through all the candidates
    It seems like there has never been a busier time in life. You have the demands of work and family life and when you do get the time to just sit down, you don’t want to have to sift through all those resumes.
    MLN is here specifically for that reason. We help make finding a nanny easy for you, by posting your position, reviewing all the resumes and vetting all the applicants.
  3. You want to find a nanny that is professional and experienced
    Though in-home childcare doesn’t have any standard government regulations, MLN only refers nannies that have a minimum of 3 years of childcare experience and all nannies need to be certified in infant/child CPR and First Aid. Many of our nannies have had some training in child development, safety and planning. MLN also provides quarterly training for nannies, so that they stay current with the industry they’re working in.
  4. You’re concerned about the safety and security when hiring a nanny
    We understand first hand how parents feel about opening their home to someone who is going to care for their children. It isn’t always easy for parents. That is why MLN takes safety and security seriously and conducts a thorough background and sex offender screening on all their nannies. For parents who are also concerned about drug use, MLN offers a drug test screening at an additional cost.
    It is important to us that families are reassured about the nanny they’ve chosen to have in their home. Therefore, we also get to know our nannies personally by meeting them in person, contacting their references and securing their character references.
  5. You don’t know what you’re responsible for as an Employer
    My Loving Nanny vets and refers two top candidates for your family, but each family becomes the nanny’s legal employer when they are hired*.
    We encourage all families to hire their nannies legally**, therefore we help them think through things like state labor laws, unemployment, vacation, overtime and benefits.
    It is important for all families to know that if they pay a nanny over $1800 a year, they’re also responsible for paying employment taxes.
    *My Loving Nanny does work with families who do not want to hire their nanny (additional fees apply).
    **My Loving Nanny also refers their clients to household payroll and tax service,. These services are set up to handle all nanny tax questions and preparation.
  6. You need a guarantee you have a childcare solution for your family
    My Loving Nanny is one of the only nanny agencies that offers a 1-year guarantee for every nanny they place with a family. We understand that personality and blending into your family dynamic is essential for the nanny coming into your home.
    There is always the possibility that she won’t work out, so if that’s where you find yourself, we are here to ensure another nanny is found!

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