My Loving Nanny works with families who need a regular childcare solution at price within their budget.

Families that use My Loving Nanny for their permanent childcare needs are responsible for the Application Fee and the Placement Fee.

New: My Loving Nanny now has flat rate fees for their Placement fees.
We no longer charge a 13% commission of the nanny’s annual salary.

Families that pay the flat rate Placement fee within 30 days of their nanny starting care.

The Application and Placement fee includes all our childcare services for a 1-year period and we will replace any candidate during that time and find you any backup care nannies that you may require. Families that want to continue Backup care services after the first year are subject to the annual Registration fee.

Membership fee:
Application fee: $300 (Part-time and Full-time Placements)
Nanny Share: $250 (per family)
Summer Nanny: $250

UPDATED Placement fees: (as of 2017) 
Part-time Placement fee: $1500
Full-time Placement fee: $2500

My Loving Nanny works with each family’s budget and childcare need. Families will select the hourly rate for their nanny and the hours per week.
We will only advise our clients about the industry standards within their area. See standard hourly rates below for each location.

Nanny rates per location: 

Seattle’s Average Hourly Nanny Placement Rates – $18-20/hr (1-2 children)

Spokane’s Average Hourly Nanny Placement Rates – $10-12/hr (1-2 children)

Portland Average Hourly Nanny Placement Rates – $14-16/hr (1-2 children)

Vancouver, BC’s Average Hourly Nanny Placement Rates – $18-20/hr (1-2 children)

Tax Information: For a Salary Calculator click here. We encourage our families to pay nannies legally and withhold taxes.

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