My Loving Nanny’s membership fees give families access to our professional pool of nannies.
These are set fees for all our locations.

Membership fees:

Placement Application fee: $300
additional Placement fee applies

Backup Care Registration fee: $150
annual membership fee

Hotel care: $45
weekly rate/per visit 

Event care: $250
additional fees apply


  • The application fee for Placement services is paid once, per hired nanny, by the family. The family is also responsible for paying the agency a commission on the nanny’s salary. This is only paid for the first year of the nanny’s employment.
  • The registration fee for Backup Care is paid annually by the family seeking to have access to a backup care childcare solution.
  • Families that need hotel care do not pay our registration fee. They are subject to our weekly fee and pay the hourly rate for the nanny, which is paid directly to the nanny at the end of care.

All families need to complete our registration form to get the process started – Register Now!


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